Personality Test

This free personality test will give you a personality result equivalent to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

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Personality Questions
For this test you will assign the values relative to the action. For example below, if you always make lists you would mark "Strongly Disagree", however if you rely only on memory, you would select "Strongly Agree", and if you fall somewhere in the middle you would choose accordingly.
I make lists VS. I rely on memory.
I am skeptical VS. I want to believe
I am bored by alone time, VS. I need alone time
I accept things as they are, VS. I am unsatisfied with the ways things are
I keep a clean room, VS. I just put stuff wherever
I think "robotic" is an insult, VS. I strive to have a mechanical mind.
I am energetic, VS. I am mellow
I prefer multiple choice tests, VS. I prefer essay answer tests
I am chaotic VS. I am organized
I am easily hurt, VS. I am thick-skinned
I work best in groups VS. I work best alone.
I am focused on the present VS. I am focused on the future
I plan far ahead VS. I make plans at the last minute.
I want people's respect VS. I want their love.
I get worn our by parties, VS. I get fired up by parties
I fit in VS. I stand out.
I keep my options open, VS I commit
I want to be good at fixing things VS. I want to be good at fixing people.
I talk more VS. I listen more
When describing an event, I tell people what happened VS. When describing an event, I tell people what it meant.
I get work done right away, VS. I procrastinate.
I follow the heart, VS. I follow the head.
I stay in at home, VS I go out on the town.
I want the big picture, VS. I want the details.
I improvise, VS. I prepare.
I base morality on justice, VS. I base morality on compassion.
I find it difficult to yell very loudly, VS. Yelling to others when they are far away comes naturally.
I think theoretical (ideas), VS. I think empirical (facts & numbers)
I work hard, VS. I play hard
I am uncomfortable with emotions, VS. I value emotions.
I like to perform in front of other people, VS. I avoid public speaking
I like to know "Who?", "What?" & "When?", VS. I like to know "Why?"